Your Guide to Different Types of Wine Coolers

What if you could fit a perfect day into the palm of your hands?

Wine cellars have been keeping your wine cool and safely stored since wine has been around. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the many different types of wine coolers that are available currently, so it’s tough to get good wine answers.

By finding the right cooler for your home and your wine, you can keep “cool” all year long. Here’s our complete guide to the many different types of wine coolers for you to enjoy!

Why Browse Types of Wine Coolers?

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to your wine cooler options. First, though, it’s worth addressing why you should select your wine coolers very carefully.

Space is one of the main considerations. A homeowner who has a lot of room for a wine cellar is going to have different needs than the person living in a studio apartment.

Functionality is another consideration. Different coolers are suitable for different kinds of wines and different amounts of wine.

Price is the final consideration. Drinking wine is like any other hobby, and some way want to spend more (or less) on this hobby than others!

Now that you know what the primary considerations are, here are the many cooler options available to you!

Compressor Coolers

One popular method of cooling wine is to use a compressor. And compressor coolers are a great choice for many different wine aficionados. 

As the name implies, this type of cooler chills wine by using compressed air. The compression cycle significantly cools the wine and then releases the heat from the back of the cooler.

Such a unit allows you to perfectly control the temperature of your wine. And it is small enough to go in almost any home. Just leave enough room for the heat to escape from the back!

Counter-Top Coolers

Compressor coolers don’t take up much room, but they still require floor space. If that’s not an option, you can always try out a counter-top cooler.

While these are available in multiple sizes, most are about the same size as a microwave. That means you can fit one of these on almost any counter.

In addition to saving space, these smaller coolers are great for entertaining and parties. If you’re more likely to drink your wine than to store it for a long time, a counter-top cooler may be a perfect choice for you.

Thermoelectric Coolers

The compressor cooler isn’t the only way to cool down your wine. Thermoelectric coolers are another great option.

Such devices use the electric current to control the temperature of the wine. An electrolyzed metal rod reduces the temperature in the cooler and emits the heat from the back of the unit.

Whether this is a great cooler or not is dependent on your local temperature. If you have mild temperatures, it’s a great choice. But it has trouble keeping wine cool when the external temperature is very hot.

On the plus side, this cooler is less noisy than the compressor options. If you have children or pets, you may want the cooler option that provides for a quieter home.

Built-In Coolers

Do you have a solid wine cooler budget but little available floor or counter space? If that’s the case, a built-in cooler may be the option you’ve been waiting for.

A built-in cooler is “built into” a space in your home. It often takes up as much space as a dishwasher and makes for a great addition to your kitchen.

Once installed, these coolers look very nice and modern. And you may wish to include one of these as part of a larger kitchen renovation.

However, they can be difficult to install on your own. And the last thing you want to do is to ruin your wine collection!

Single Zone Coolers

So far, we have focused on different types of wine cooler technologies and designs. But another major factor is how much wine you’ll be storing and how you plan to enjoy it.

For example, the most basic wine cooler design is the “single zone cooler.” This means that wine is kept in one big area and that area is kept at the same temperature.

Such coolers are a very friendly choice for anyone who is just starting out enjoying wine. They allow you to keep a single wine cool very easily without constantly adjusting the cooler.

If you are a wine veteran or simply want to enjoy a larger collection at once, you’ll need to use a dual zone cooler.

Dual Zone Coolers

The exact purpose of a dual zone cooler is pretty direct. It has two different zones that can be kept at two different temperatures.

And the primary benefit of such a cooler is equally clear. If you want to enjoy multiple wines at once, you can keep each one at the perfect temperature and enjoy your wine on demand.

As you might imagine, a dual zone cooler is more expensive than a single zone cooler. Before you make such an investment, it’s worth considering just how much use you’ll be getting out of this cooler.

So, Which Option Is Better for Me?

All of this brings us to the real question: which wine cooler is best for you and your home? The honest answer to that is: it depends.

For example, a compressor cooler is better than a thermoelectric cooler when it comes to keeping wine cold. But the vibration noise of a compressor cooler may be a dealbreaker to some wine lovers.

A dual zone cooler is definitely the best way to cool a more versatile selection of wine. But the cost and space requirements of such a cooler mean that it won’t work for everyone.

Ultimately, you must treat this like any other home purchase. Take the time to figure out what fits both your budget and your space. When you’re ready, we do have a guide on How To Choose a Wine Cooler Fridge that you can read as well.

The Bottom Line

Now you know about the different types of wine coolers available. But do you know who can help you take the next step?

We specialize in helping wine lovers store, chill, and enjoy their favorite beverage. To find the best wine cooler options you’ve been looking for, check out The Best Wine Cellars buyers guide and reviews!